A complete digital experience generates excitement about your company, putting your brand exactly where it needs to be—in front of decision-makers on a daily basis. Your brand’s DNA is revealed through its online presence: mission, strategy and personality are all individual characteristics of that genetic make-up. We help determine the best way to show the world what makes your company great—and then we convert that introduction into new business for you.

“It is a very daunting exercise when diving in to the digital world for the first time.  No matter what form
that digital engagement may be; websites, social media, etc. VGVisuals took all our anxiety away starting
day one. By listening to our needs you were able to steer us down a path that fit our brand perfectly.  Best of all
the scheduled progress meetings kept us involved.  You did not just deliver a great website, you taught us
how to utilize it in the social world.”

Steve Schmidt, PayGoAuto / Roadside America



186964917We specialize in creating expressive design and meaningful content—and turning that into a website as unique as the story of your brand. By crafting a responsive web design that caters to your company’s needs and effectively communicates your message, we help you leave a lasting first impression on potential customers, wherever they may find you online.

VGVisuals guides clients through all phases of the design process from discovery to launch, and every important detail in between. All of our websites are built with conversions in mind, ensuring the design and development process is always focused on ROI and KPI’s.


Keeping your customer base up-to-date with the latest news and special offers is vital to keeping them connected to your business. With our help, you can develop an email campaign that reinforces branding, generates leads and sales, and accelerates interest in your business.

Our email campaign services include developing content, crafting copy and design, and creating a long-term editorial strategy. We also work with your brand to identify key performance indicators and provide you with analysis and reporting tied to those goals.


486140535Starting a conversation is the first step in any relationship. Our custom-built social media pages can help you keep the conversation flowing. We build and manage social media pages that provide you with a platform to share content, interact with current customers and make connections with prospects.

We can also keep your social network running smoothly through a strategy that establishes genuine conversations and engagement with your audience. We begin with a social media audit and competitive analysis, and then identify the best social channels for your business. After the conversation is alive, we utilize monitoring and measuring tools to show you what has been successful and how to grow moving forward.


491606125Online video makes sending a message to your customers easy—it can increase understanding of your product or service by 74%. Video can also help prospective customers find your business—your website is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of search engine results when it includes a video. Through our custom production services, we’ll bring your message to life, from pre-production to final video delivery.