Effective marketing and branding represents and improves public perception of your products, services and business.  Well-defined branding also serves as a clear representation of your company’s living vision and culture.

Marketing is a broad concept that requires focus to succeed. It embodies a company’s complete personality at every turn, from logo design to how your employees interact with clients on a daily basis.

“We rely on VGVisuals to help lead implementation and brand strategy
for all marketing initiatives at the CSC family of companies. From concept and design
on customer-facing ad campaigns, to strategy and communications for our multiple acquisitions
– their efforts are integral to the success and growth of our company.
If you are looking for a marketing team that goes beyond the typical ‘sales speak’ and
really takes the time to learn, understand, and help grow your business as a strategic partner,
stop looking and engage with VGV.”

Tony Sculthorpe, CSO at CSC ServiceWorks


STRATEGY (n.) a plan, method, or series of maneuvers for obtaining a specific goal or result.

Many companies today implement marketing tactics without first developing a true strategy to guide those tactical decisions. The result of this un-focused approach is often minimally effective, and can eventually create a loss of confidence in the value of the marketing spend.

VGVisuals develops and executes brand strategy that sets the stage for your future success. Our team helps define what True North is to your organization, so together we can implement tactics that are aligned for strategic growth.

We help your company boldly face these new realities of the consumer economy: relationships matter more than products, and trust matters more than price. Keeping the mindset of your customers at the forefront, VGVisuals creates recommendations to address your current challenges, driving measured results to meet your company’s objectives.


Our all-encompassing marketing campaigns take an integrated approach, exploring all media options to meet your specific goals.  We develop a working timeline to set tactical deadlines and expectations, to ensure campaign objectives are then accomplished.



Effective decision making relies on generating measurable insights from market research. Our qualitative and quantitative tactics, and full analysis, reveal insights to further direct your brand strategy and marketing efforts.

We’ll match our approach to your needs, to ensure that we use the right combination of tactics to unlock objective results.  By gathering and interpreting data, we’ll provide the intelligence you need to make strategic decisions—whether it is for solving internal or external branding challenges.

“ALN has had the pleasure of working with VGVisuals for many years. Their amazing teams combine
consulting, art design, production and expert knowledge of what one needs for business strategy
and brand implementation.”

Laura Reese-Williams, ALN Data